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Making Teacher Angry

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 7-11
Ann Ryan

This idea involves the creation of a poem entitled “A menu to make your teacher angry.”

First, let the class explore the phrases used in menu writing, e.g. on a bed of, in a sauce of, sprinked with etc.

Then get them to list all the things that make a teacher angry (they love this and the list seems to be endless!).

Now show them how to substitute the food for an item from the ‘angry’ list, e.g. A plate of ink splodges served on a bed of spelling mistakes, topped with crispy calling out.

The poem can have three verses – starters, main course and dessert.

Ed Harding has tried this as a lesson warm-up for monster poetry and it worked really well. A first verse was made up for the children to follow:

To make our teacher angry,
Is considered to be bad,
So follow this tasty menu,
To send them raving mad!

They really enjoyed sharing ways to send the teacher potty!

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