Monday, April 22, 2024

Magic Pen

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 5-11

This activity involves the whole class creating a story together. The story is not written down, and is made up spontaneously by individuals in the class.

1) Find a suitable pen (or other object) which can be passed around the classroom easily.

2) Tell the children that the pen / object which you are holding up is M A G I C because people who hold it can tell wonderful stories.

3) Explain that no-one is allowed to talk unless they are holding the pen (that includes the teacher!).

4) Start off a story. There are a number of story starter resources available to download across our site.

5) When you have finished the introduction, give the pen to another child (preferably a more confident one if this is the first time you have tried this activity with the class) and ask them to continue the story for a few sentences.

6) When they have finished their part of the story, ask them to pass the pen on to someone else who will continue.

7) Carry on passing the pen around until someone decides to finish the story (or if you are in a hurry to finish, indicate that you want them to finish off the story in some way – discuss such signals with the class before you begin).

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