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Interactive Stories

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 7-11

Interactive Stories can be great fun to make and read. To make one, split your class into groups of four.

Give each group seven pieces and ask them to write one of the following titles on each of the pieces (not forgetting to add their names on the pages, too!):

Start, Middle 1, Middle 2, End 1, End 2, End 3, End 4

Each child in the group can be labelled A, B, C or D (as shown in the diagram below). They should all work together to write a start to their story. At the end of the introduction, they should think of a question which has a YES or NO answer (e.g. should Jake go into the cave?)

Interactive Stories

A and B can then write a middle for their story, saying what happens when (for example) Jake DOES go into the cave. C and D can write the other middle section, in which Jake does not go into the cave. At the end of each middle section, there should be another question which has another YES or NO answer.

The children can then work individually to write four different endings for their story based on the answer to the previous question.

When the stories have been written (and pictures drawn to go with each section), you could even use Powerpoint or Keynote to make them even more interactive (with sound effects and animations, for example).

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