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First Person, Third Person

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 7-11

This activity is based on a worksheet which can be found below. On the worksheet, there are ten sentences. Children should place a tick in the “First Person?” or the “Third Person?” box according to the type of sentence.

Answers –

1) Third2) Third3) First4) First5) Third
6) First7) Third8) Third9) First10) First

When the children are familiar with this concept, they can create their own sentences, which are written in either the first person or the third person.

They could also write stories in the first or third person. Or how about writing a story in the third person and rewriting it in the first person (you could also try to write a well-known story such as Goldilocks and the Three Bears in the first person).


First Person or Third Person?

First Person or Third Person?

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