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Fill in the Punctuation

Fill In The Punctuation

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 7-11

This is an exercise in correcting a text with no punctuation. The children will need to know the different types of punctuation and when to use them before carrying out this activity.

The text can be found below, and you are welcome to print and photocopy it for use in the classroom.

The children should rewrite the text in their books, making sure that they include the correct punctuation. The following pieces of punctuation need to be used:

  • Capital letter,
  • New paragraph,
  • Full stop,
  • Commas,
  • Question marks,
  • Speech marks (inverted commas),
  • Exclamation marks.

This is the correct version of the text:

Morris the Martian was flying around the Solar System one day, when he saw a strange light in front of him.

What is that? he thought to himself. Morris was scared, but he flew a little bit closer so that he could see it better. “Hello,” he called out. There was no reply.

“Hello. Is anyone there?” he called, but again there was no reply. Suddenly, a creature appeared in front of the light.

“BOO!” it shouted. Poor Morris was really scared, and he flew off home and hid under his bed.


Fill in the Punctuation

Fill in the Punctuation

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