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Desert Island Activity

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 7-11

This idea is based on Desert Island Discs.

Explain the scenario… you are going to be on a desert island, alone, for one month (or more, according to age). Let the class come up with a story as to why they are there. Make sure you write out this story and display it. Make lists for the following which will help you to survive (make the time there be a good one), and say why each item is included.

You can have 5 of each of the following. Tools, clothes, food, drinks, books, records, animals, friends, plus one luxury which can not be alive.

This is a project which has a half-term life. The presentation can be verbal, produced with ICT, or any combination of words & pictures from any source. In the last week of half term, each group has 5 min to present their choice. This must be displayed in some form.

On the last day of half term, the class votes for the choice they like best. You can’t vote for your own choice! There must be an appropriate prize.

Next term, do your best to get as many of the items from all of the lists into the classroom and prepare a Desert Island Survival Kit. Use the book lists to find books to read to your class and record lists to play them into and out of class at the start and end of each day or week. Each group’s presentation should be prepared as a displayable sheet (this could be done during computer time) and displayed in the classroom.

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