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Critical Literacy

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 7-11
Marg Duncan

The aims of these resources are to encourage children to:

  • Critically analyse techniques used by writers to create certain effects, to use language creatively, to position the reader in various ways and to construct different interpretations of experience
  • Critically evaluate how own texts have been structured to achieve their purpose and discuss ways of using related grammatical features and conventions of written language to shape readers’ and viewers’ understanding of texts.
  • Identify the text structure of a wider range of more complex text types and discuss how the characteristic grammatical features work to influence readers’ and viewers’ understanding of texts.
  • Understand how language is used to include and exclude others.
  • Critically reflect on and share experiences of texts.

The resources consist of a complete set of lesson outlines (with relevant worksheets). The work is based on the book ‘How To Live Forever’ by Colin Thompson.

The resources are in PDF and can be found below.


Critical Literacy

Critical Literacy

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