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Connectives Posters

Connectives Posters

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 6-11

Do your children forget to use connectives in their writing? We have three resources below that can be used to encourage children to use different connectives to improve their work:

  • Use the resources as posters and add them to a classroom display. Two different versions are available to match the age / ability of your children.
  • Print the resources and use them as mats for children to refer to while writing at their tables.
  • Ask children to find their own connectives and build up their own collection of words by writing them on our blank resource.
  • Print the blank resource and use it as part of an interactive display, encouraging children to add connectives as they discover new ones.
  • Use the resources as teaching tools. Discuss each connective and think about when and how it might be used.
  • Choose a connective from the resources and ask children to write a sentence that includes it.
  • Have a ‘Connective of the Day’ and challenge children to include the chosen connectives in their speech / writing during the day.

Do you have any other good ideas for using these resources in your classroom? Leave a comment below…


Connectives Posters

Connectives Posters

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