Monday, April 15, 2024

Alphabet Bear Charlie

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 2-5
Cynthia Andrews

I have a big stuffed teddy bear in my room. His name is Charlie. He is my ABC bear (Alphabet Bear Charlie). I use Charlie to play a phonics game.

I hold the bear and pretend the bear is whispering to me. I tell the kids that Charlie wants to hear a word that begins with the letter c (or any random letter). I hand the teddy bear to a student.

Students squeeze and hug the bear as they give you a word that begins with the letter you asked for. I encourage the kids, and when they give a correct response, I tell them Charlie is smiling.

You continue doing this, giving each child a turn to hug the bear.

You can use this activity anytime for a time filler or go through the entire alphabet. This is a great game for phonics reinforcement, and the kids love it!

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