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Bridges Image Pack

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 5-11

This pack of resources includes twenty-five images of different bridges around the world. These include Tower Bridge in London, The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, the Bridge of Sighs in Italy, the Millau Viaduct in France and many more!

When your children are learning about bridges, you could use these images in many ways in your classroom:

  • Print the pictures and add them to your classroom display boards about bridges,
  • Share the PDF on a large display (e.g. an interactive whiteboard),
  • Use the images as a discussion / reference resource. Can your children think about:
    • The materials that were used in the construction?
    • How the bridge was constructed?
    • How the bridge is used?
    • The history of the bridge?
    • Who designed the bridge?
    • Why the bridge was built?
    • The shapes that can be seen and why those shapes were used in the construction?
  • Challenge your children to make a model of one of the bridges using different construction materials.
  • Plot the locations of the bridges on a map of the world.
  • Find out more about each bridge and write a report about it.

If you have any other ideas, let us know by adding a comment below!


Bridges Image Pack

Bridges Image Pack

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