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LOGO Instruction Sheets

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 5-11

These sheets are ideal for when you are teaching the children about the computer software LOGO. There are two sheets which you can print and photocopy:

1) Blank Instruction Sheet – This sheet contains the major actions (move forwards, backwards, turn, make shapes etc.) that you can perform with LOGO, but does not show you the instructions that you will need to do this. This is because this sheet can be used when you are teaching the children about each instruction.

As you explain each action, the children can write the correct instruction in the correct box. Hopefully, they are more likely to remember the instructions if they write them down themselves. This sheet can then be used as a reference while the children are working on other LOGO activities.

2) Completed Instruction Sheet – This sheet is the same as Sheet 1, but includes the correct instructions associated with each action. This can be for you to refer to when teaching the children, or you can give it straight to the children if you wish. The horizontal lines (“______”) indicate that you should enter a number or a word (information relating to this is given in brackets after each instruction).

Both of the activity sheets are available below.


LOGO Instruction Sheets

LOGO Instruction Sheets

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