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ESafety Game

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 7-11

Ask your children to make their own eSafety board game using the templates below…

  • Board – Pupils can decorate the board with images linked to technology and Internet Safety. The start and finish points on the board are clearly indicated.
  • Safe / Unsafe Cards – As players move around the board, they might land on a ‘Safe’ or an ‘Unsafe’ square. At this point, they should pick up the relevant card and read the information on the back, following the instructions given. When making the game, children should add appropriate information to the back of each card:
    • For ‘Safe’ cards, they might write “, You asked an adult before using the Internet. Move forward two spaces” or “You use a safe search engine for children to find information online. Go forward three spaces”…
    • For ‘Unsafe’ cards, they might write “, You opened an email attachment which your friend didn’t mention in their message. Go back three spaces” or “You gave away some personal information in an online form. Go back four spaces”…

The game can be played with counters and a die, with players aiming to get to the centre of the board first. Your pupils might add extra rules, such as ‘If you roll a 6, you get an extra turn’ or ‘If your counter lands on the same space as another player, go back three spaces’.


eSafety Game Board

eSafety Game Board

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eSafety Game Cards

Safe and Unsafe Game Cards

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