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Golden Wall

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 5-11
Sarah Cotterill

To encourage the use of circle time in the classroom at the beginning of a new term and to reinforce them throughout the school year, use a Golden Wall.

Have your golden rules displayed prominently in the classroom and dedicate a wall space to them. With a roll of gold paper, stick the paper to the wall from top to bottom.

Every time a child adheres to a golden rule, or your golden rule focus for that week, ask the child to get a sticky label, write their name and stick it to the Golden Wall. At the end of a half term, cut out all the labels from the wall and put them in a hat/ box. The name pulled out wins a reward for sticking to the Golden Rules.

Obviously, the more times a child’s name is on the wall, the more chance they have of winning that reward!

This works wonders and really gets the children to adhere to the Golden Rules… well, most of the time!

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