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Wow! Said the Owl

WOW! Said The Owl

by Mark Warner
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At night, when we are feeling tired and ready for bed, owls are just waking up. But one curious little owl decides to stay awake all day, instead of all night, and discovers a world bursting with colour! Yet when the night-time comes around again, the stars above her head are still the most beautiful of all.

Teaching Ideas and Resources:


  • Create a new story using a similar title, e.g. ‘WOW! said the chicken’ or ‘EEK! said the robot’.
  • Can you think of any synonyms for the word ‘WOW’?
  • Retell the story in the form of a diary entry from the owl’s point of view.
  • Think of different words to describe colours, using ideas from the story (e.g. warm and wonderful pink, bright blue).
  • Make a new page for the story in which the owl sees another colour.


  • Can you research some information about owls and create a report about them?
  • What does the word ‘nocturnal’ mean? Can you find out about other nocturnal animals?
  • Can you explain what a rainbow is?
  • Can you explain why we have night and day?


  • Use paint software to mix different colours. What new colours can you make?
  • Can you create a colour chart using an art program?

Design Technology

  • Use craft materials to create a model of an owl.
  • Make an owl puppet and some scenery. Can you perform this story using your creations?


  • Look on each page of the story. How many colours can you spot?
  • Look at the colour chart at the back of the book. Can you create your own by mixing colours? Can you create other shades?
  • Make a list of all of the names of different colours.
  • Choose one colour and make as many different shades of that colour as you can.
  • Find different pictures of objects / animals and sort them according to the colours that you can see.
  • Paint a picture of a rainbow.


  • Can you find out the names of colours in different languages?

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