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Welcome to Alien School

Welcome To Alien School

by Mark Warner
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When, one morning, Mum calls Albie for school, he really doesn’t want to go. He’s too busy playing space rescues with his toys. But, when Albie steps into the playground, he quickly realizes that this isn’t any old school. It’s Alien School, and there’s a big, shaggy alien heading in his direction!

Teaching Ideas and Resources:


  • Make a school prospectus / persuasive advert to encourage people to send their children to Alien School.
  • Imagine that you went on an exchange trip to Alien School. Can you write a diary entry about your trip?
  • Write a story about the time when Nogel, Albie’s friend from Alien School, visits Earth and goes to a human school.
  • Write a list of similarities and differences between Alien School and your school.
  • Albie has to spell some unusual words in his lessons. Can you explain what these words might mean?
  • Could you make a dictionary of alien language?
  • Think of some questions that you could ask Albie about his time at Alien School.
  • Albie has lots of adventures in other books. Could you write about a new adventure for him?
  • Caryl has some fantastic resources on her own site. Explore them all here.


  • Make a timetable that shows the lessons and activities that take place at the alien school.
  • Write a set of instructions to teach the aliens how to carry out a maths calculation in Human School.


  • Plan an imaginary trip to Alien School. What planets might you travel past?
  • Plan a healthy menu for the pupils at Alien School. Don’t forget to include Space-ghetti!


  • Take a photo of yourself and edit it using a paint program. Can you turn yourself into an alien? Could you transform a picture of your teacher into an alien teacher?

Design Technology

  • Design a new vehicle that can transport you to Alien School
  • Design a new building for Alien School. What rooms would it have?


  • Design a school uniform for the members of Alien School.
  • Draw or paint a new alien who might attend Alien School with Albie.


  • Imagine that this story was turned into a movie. Can you compose a theme tune for it?

Physical education

  • Plan a set of activities for a Sports Day event at Alien School.


  • Think of ways that you could help an alien feel less anxious on their first day at Human School.

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