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The Tiger Who Came to Tea

The Tiger Who Came To Tea

by Mark Warner
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The doorbell rings just as Sophie and her mummy are sitting down to tea. Who could it possibly be? What they certainly don’t expect to see at the door is a big furry, stripy tiger!

Teaching Ideas and Resources:


  • Imagine if a different animal came to tea. How would they behave? Could you write a story about this?
  • Add some speech / thought bubbles to the illustrations in the story. What are the characters thinking / saying?
  • How would your family react if a tiger wanted to come to tea? Write some speech bubbles that include what they might say.
  • Look at the use of apostrophes in the story. to show when something belongs to somebody and when shortening words.
  • The author uses the words ‘big’, ‘furry’ and ‘stripy’ to describe the tiger. Can you think of any more adjectives?
  • Imagine that you are Sophie telling your daddy about the tiger. How will you explain what happened?
  • Sophie’s supper was ‘lovely’. Can you create a list of synonyms for this word?
  • Look through the story and find any connectives that the author has used. Can you think of any more?
  • Imagine that the tiger escaped from a zoo. Write a story that describes how he escaped.
  • What happens to the tiger next? Where does he go after visiting Sophie’s house? Write a story about another adventure that he has.
  • Can you record your own retelling of the story?
  • Work with a group of friends to act out the story. What accents might each character have? Watch this trailer for a live production of the story for some ideas:

  • Write a biography of the author Judith Kerr. Watch this video to find out about her:


  • Create a shopping list showing all of the things that Sophie’s family needed to buy to replace the things that the tiger ate. How much would each item cost? How much would it cost altogether?
  • Make a timetable showing the events of Sophie’s day. What time might each event have happened?


  • Find out what tigers like to eat. Can you create a food chain that includes a tiger?
  • Look at the tiger’s stripes. Find out what camouflage is and how it helps tigers. Can you find out how other animals use camouflage to help them?
  • Make a menu of tasty food that Sophie’s family can choose from at the cafe.


  • Use a paint program to design a label for a tin of tiger food.

Design Technology

  • Could you make a pop-up version of a scene from the story or of the whole book?
  • Can you create a model of a scene from the story? Watch this video for an example in a museum:


  • Look at the patterns on the clothing in the illustrations. Can you design some more patterns using different Art materials?
  • Paint a picture of the tiger’s stripes.
  • Draw two pictures of the inside of the fridge? one before the tiger ate all the food and one after!
  • Create masks for each character to help you perform the story to an audience.


  • Can you make a song that the tiger might sing to say ‘Goodbye’ and ‘Thank you’ to Sophie’s family?


  • The tiger wasn’t very polite when he ate all of Sophie’s food. Can you think of some manners that he should need to remember when he visits someone else’s house?

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