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The Smartest Giant in Town

The Smartest Giant In Town

by Mark Warner
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A warm tale about a friendly giant whose heart is better than his dress sense!

Teaching Ideas and Resources:


  • ‘Smartest’ and ‘scruffiest’ are both examples of a superlative. Can you think of any more? Could you make a collection of them and use them in your own writing?
  • Choose a page in the book and sort the different words. Which ones are nouns, adjectives, verbs or adverbs?
  • Imagine a town where giants live alongside people and animals. Could you write your own story about this?
  • Make a poster to advertise a new clothes shop for giants.
  • Act out part of the story using the speech to help you.
  • Write a news report about a missing giraffe. Can you find the ‘Missing Giraffe’ poster in the illustrations?
  • Plan a new page for the book. What other types of clothing could be used to help an animal in trouble (e.g. a hat used as a tent)?
  • Find all of the rhyming words in the story. Can you think of any more?


  • Make a price list of the giant-sized clothes in the shop. Can you use these to make some Maths problems?


  • Investigate why boats float.
  • Can you find out what material would be best to use as a sail on a boat? Could you plan an experiment to test this?


  • Use publishing software to recreate the animal’s ‘Thank You’ letter.
  • Can you make your own recording of the story, using images and audio?

Design Technology

  • Use a variety of craft materials to make a new scarf for the giraffe to wear.


  • Design some new sets of clothes for the giant to wear on different occasions (e.g. dinner parties, sporting events).


  • Can you sing George’s song, using the music in the book to help?
  • Could you compose a new tune to accompany George’s song words?


  • Make a map of the town that shows the places in the book.


  • The giant helps lots of different animals throughout the story. Think of a way that you could help somebody today.
  • Think about people who have helped you in your life. How could you show your appreciation?
  • Find out about the lives of people who are known for helping others.

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