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The Giant Jumperee

The Giant Jumperee

by Mark Warner
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Rabbit was hopping home one day when he heard a loud voice coming from inside his burrow. When Rabbit’s friends Cat, Bear and Elephant come to help they are each scared away in turn by the mysterious voice. But who is the Giant Jumperee?

Teaching Ideas and Resources:


  • Think of some thought bubbles to accompany the illustrations.
  • Create a new page for the story in which a different animal hears about the Giant Jumperee and goes to the burrow to investigate.
  • Read the story and identify words that the author has used to describe how the animals move and talk. Could you record these somewhere and use them in your own writing?
  • Use this title for your own story about a ‘Giant Jumperee’.
  • ‘Jumperee’ is a made-up word. Could you make up your own words and use these as the starting point for your own stories?
  • Can you find any rhyming words in the story? Could you find new words that rhyme with these?
  • Watch these videos of the author / illustrator talking about the book. Can you think of some questions that you would like to ask her?


  • Have a ‘jumping competition’ with your friends. Measure how far everyone can jump and use the results for some data-handling activities.


  • Make a list of similarities and differences between the animals in the story.
  • Think about the natural habitats of the animals in the story. Where do they normally live? How are they adapted to living there?
  • Make some food chains / webs that include these animals.


  • Use Art software to create some illustrations of what a real ‘Giant Jumperee’ might look like.
  • Use a storytelling app to retell this story.

Design Technology

  • Make some puppets to represent the animals in the story and use these to perform it to an audience.


  • Before reading the story, draw a picture of what you think the Giant Jumperee looks like.
  • Look at the illustrations on the inside covers. Could you create your own pictures using a similar style / technique?


  • Compose a melody to accompany the following lines:

“I’m the GIANT JUMPEREE and I’m scary as can be!”
“I’m the GIANT JUMPEREE and I’ll squash you like a flea!”
“I’m the GIANT JUMPEREE and I’ll sting you like a bee!”
“I’m the GIANT JUMPEREE and I’m taller than a tree!”
“I’m the GIANT JUMPEREE and you’re terrified of me!”

Physical education

  • Can you plan and carry out a jumping competition with your friends?

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