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The Boy in the Dress

The Boy In The Dress

by Mark Warner
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Dennis was different. Why was he different, you ask?

Well, a small clue might be in the title of this book-

Teaching Ideas and Resources:


  • Watch these interviews with the author. If you could interview David Walliams, what questions would you ask him?

  • Listen to the audiobook version of the story. Could you record your own reading of your favourite scene?
  • Dennis likes to read magazines. Design the cover of a magazine that he might like to read. You could also design a cover of a magazine that you or a friend might like to read.
  • Write a biography of a fashion designer (e.g. John Galliano).


  • Dennis gets £5 a week pocket money. How much does he get in a year? What could he buy with that amount of money?
  • Raj, the shopkeeper, offers Dennis three rolls of wrapping paper for the price of two. He also offers him seven rolls for the price of five, eleven rolls for the price of eight and fifteen rolls for the price of thirteen! Which is the best offer? How do you know?


  • Dennis’ dad is very unhealthy and eats lots of eggs, sausage, bacon, beans and chips. Can you plan a healthy meal for him?
  • Dennis almost misses a football match because he is unwell. How do people catch colds and viruses? How can we try to keep ourselves more healthy?

Design Technology

  • Design and create your own outfit which you or a friend might like to wear. Which materials will you use? How will you join them?
  • Can you design some accessories that will match your outfit?


  • Dennis has one photo of his mum, which is described in Chapter One. Draw what this picture might look like.
  • Design a new football kit for Dennis’ football team.
  • Lisa enjoys sketching dress designs. Can you draw some clothes that different people might like to wear??(see Resources below).
  • Lisa has a scrapbook containing her illustrations. Create your own sketchbook of your own drawings.
  • Use fabric pens to add your own design to a plain T-shirt.


  • Dennis is asked to act as Joan of Arc in a school play. Find out about her life.

Physical education

  • Dennis’ dad is a long-distance lorry driver, so he doesn’t get much time to keep fit. Can you plan an exercise routine to help him become more healthy?

Religious education

  • Dennis’ friend Darvesh is a Sikh. Find out about Sikhism and the customs and practices that Sikhs follow.


  • Find all of the French words that Dennis and the teachers use when he is pretending to be a French exchange student. What do they mean?


  • The first sentence in the book is ‘Dennis was different.’ How are people different? Why is this a good thing?
  • Dennis wants to cry because he misses his mum, but his dad and brother don’t like crying. Why do people cry? How can we help each other when we feel like crying?
  • How might Dennis be feeling when the other children are laughing at him on the playground?
  • Dennis’ dad is proud of his achievements by the end of the story. Which of your achievements are you proud of?

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