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The Bear Who Went Boo

The Bear Who Went Boo

by Mark Warner
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At the top of the world, surrounded by snow and ice, lives a very cheeky polar bear cub who loves to go “BOO!”. But this little bear cub doesn’t always know when to stop…

Teaching Ideas and Resources:


  • Write your own story with a similar title, e.g. ‘The Owl Who Went Ouch!’ or ‘The Baboon Who Went BANG!’.
  • The author writes that the polar bear is ‘very cheeky’. Can you think of other words and phrases to describe him?
  • The little bear creeps up on others ‘slowly and silently’. Can you think of other adverbs to use in this sentence? How might they change the meaning?
  • Can you find any synonyms for ‘shriek’?
  • Carry out some role-play activities to find out how the little bear feels at different points in the story.
  • Retell the story from the point of view of the little bear.
  • Write a persuasive letter to the little bear to encourage him to stop surprising the other animals.
  • Create a new page in the story in which the little bear surprises a different group of animals.
  • Write a newspaper article about the arrival of the helicopter in the Arctic.
  • Write a script for the television show that was going to be made in the Arctic.
  • At one point in the story, the bear surprises a ‘platoon of puffins’. Can you find out the correct collective nouns for different animals?
  • There are lots of examples of onomatopoeia in the story. Can you find them all?


  • Choose one of the animals shown in the illustrations and write a report about them.
  • Make a food chain / web that includes some of the animals mentioned in the story.
  • Think of words and phrases to describe a habitat in the Arctic. How is it similar to other habitats around the world?
  • Make a list of similarities and differences between the Arctic and the Antarctic.


  • Imagine that the explorer did create a television show after all. Can you write the script and use a green screen to record it?
  • Make a game in which a little bear has to surprise other animals.


  • Look at the expressions of the animals in each illustration. Can you create pictures of human faces that show different kinds of emotions?
  • Create your own pictures of the different animals in the story.


  • Compose a theme tune to accompany an animated version of this story.


  • The little bear likes to frighten other animals. Can you explain why this isn’t a nice thing to do? Can you describe how he should behave?

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