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Thank you, Mr Panda

Thank You, Mr Panda

by Mark Warner
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Mr. Panda has surprise presents for his friends. Some are too big, some are too heavy, and some are simply bizarre… But remember, it’s the thought that counts!

Teaching Ideas and Resources:


  • Rewrite the story (or parts of it) using direct and reported speech.
  • Carry out a role-play activity in which you interview ‘Mr. Panda’ and ‘Mr. Lemur’. What questions would you like to ask them? How might they respond?
  • Write a set of instructions (or produce a guide) that teaches people about good manners.


  • Look at the boxes on the inside front cover. Could you estimate / measure the dimensions of each one? Could you work out the area of each?
  • Imagine that you had £100 to spend but you could only use it to buy gifts for others. What would you buy? How much might each item cost? How much money would you have left over?


  • Find out about the animals in the story. Where do they live? What do they eat? How are they adapted to their environments?


  • Use graphics software to design some new wrapping paper for Mr. Panda’s presents. Could you use repeating patterns?


  • Look at the expressions of the characters in the illustrations. How would you describe their emotions at different points? Could you draw some illustrations of people (or animals) that show how they might be feeling?


  • Mr. Panda has appeared in lots of books. Imagine that a TV series was made about him and compose a theme tune for it.

Religious education

  • Can you think of religious festivals and celebrations when people give gifts to each other?


  • Mr. Panda has lots of gifts for his friends. Why do we give gifts?
  • Have you received any special gifts from others? Which was your favourite and why? What gifts have you given to others?
  • What does ‘It’s the thought that counts’ mean? Why is it important to remember this?
  • What is politeness? Why is it important?

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