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Supermoo is determined to keep our country clean and green. With her sidekick Calf Crypton she confronts not only the devilish BOTS but also a blazing treacle tanker and a treacle slick heading for Miss Pimple’s swimming class – and all before milking time at that!

Teaching Ideas and Resources:


  • ‘Most people think that cows are boring old munchers…’ – What exciting things might a cow do when people aren’t looking? Make a list of ideas or write a story about them!
  • Write about about one of Calf Crypton’s adventures.
  • Tell the story of how Supermoo and Calf Crypton first met.
  • Write a sequel about Supermoo and Calf Crypton.
  • Write a thank you letter from the children in Miss Pimple’s class to Supermoo and Calf Crypton.
  • Plan and write a new story about another superhero animal.
  • A herd of cows all have their own special secrets. What might they be (see Resources below)?


  • Find out about cows. What do they eat? How do they help people? Use the pictures?(see Resources below)?as a starting point for your learning.
  • Learn about magnetism. How do Supermoo’s magnetic hooves work?
  • Plan and carry out an investigation to test the strength of different magnets.
  • Find out about bubbles. How are they made? What are they made from? Could you test different liquids which will make the largest / strongest bubbles?


  • Think about the cowputer. What different parts does it have? How does it find out about the problems around the world?

Design Technology

  • Design a new utility belt for Supermoo. What different tools does it have?
  • Use craft materials / junk modelling to redesign the Cowmobile.


  • Can you draw a new superhero which is a different animal?
  • Design a new superhero outfit for Supermoo?(see Resources below).
  • Could you rewrite the story in the form of a comic strip?


  • Draw a map of the cowcave. What different parts / facilities does it have?
  • Find out about the environmental effects of pollution and / or spillages from tankers.
  • Make a poster, written by Supermoo, telling people how to look after their environment by recycling etc.


Cow Pictures

Cow Pictures

Download File

Cow Superhero Costume

Cow Superhero Costume

Download File

Cow Secrets

Cow Secrets

Download File

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