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There’s a boy quite ordinary, He looks like me or you, But in secret… he is SUPERKID – There’s nothing he can’t do! With x-ray vision, super speed and bravery by the bag-load, Superkid is always on hand to save the day! He can spot bullies trying to steal your bubblegum, he knows just what to do with a plateful of broccoli, and he can make even pirates surrender.

Teaching Ideas and Resources:


  • Imagine that you are ‘Superkid’. Write a diary entry about an amazing adventure that you had.
  • Write a prequel to this story. Where did Superkid come from? How did he get his superpowers?
  • Find the rhyming words in the story. Can you make a new page for the book that follows the same rhyming pattern?
  • Find all of the verbs that describe the things that Superkid does.
  • Think of different synonyms for ‘Super’. Could you use these to think of a name for a new superhero (e.g. Fantastic Fred, Magnificent Mary)?
  • Can you find Superkid’s hamster sidekick in the illustrations? Could you write a story about that character?
  • Write a newspaper report about Superkid’s adventures.
  • Prepare some interview questions for Superkid. Could you pretend to be him and imagine what he might say?
  • Could you write a story about a Super Teacher?
  • Make a list of different superheroes. Which is your favourite? Why?


  • Make up a price list for the animals in Supermarket Zoo. How much would a penguin cost? If you bought a lion with a £50 note, how much change would you get?
  • Think of some special offers that might be available at Supermarket Zoo, e.g. Buy three monkeys and get one free. Can you think of special offers that include fractions or percentages?
  • Find out and compare the weight of the different animals in Supermarket Zoo. What would be the total weight of Albie’s shopping trolley at the end of the story?
  • Carry out a survey of your class to find out what animal they would buy from Supermarket Zoo if they had the chance.


  • Plan a tasty and healthy meal to eat at Auntie’s, instead of having all the food that you hate.


  • Use a digital camera to take a photo of your head. Import this into art / photography software and draw a Superhero body for yourself.
  • Use Comic Life to make a comic strip about a superkid.
  • Could you make a trailer to advertise this book?

Design Technology

  • Design a machine that will help you to tidy up your room, so Superkid doesn’t have to!
  • Design some gadgets / machines that Superkid could use to help him rescue people.


  • Draw yourself as a Superhero.
  • Design a sidekick (or an evil enemy) for Superkid.
  • Design a new superhero costume for Superkid.


  • Compose a theme tune for a film / TV show about Superkid. Listen to theme tunes from other superhero films for inspiration.


  • In the story, Superkid deals with some bullies. Make a poster to teach children what to do if they are bullied.

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