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Papa Panov's Special Day

Papa Panov’s Special Day

by Mark Warner
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Long ago and far away, a strange and wonderful group of stars suddenly appeared in the sky. Little Han’s teachers, the wise astronomers, believed that the stars told of the birth of an important new king. Only by making the perilous journey along the Silk Road could they discover the truth.

Teaching Ideas and Resources:


  • Write a letter from Papa Panov to one of his grown-up children.
  • Make an invitation asking Papa Panov to come to a special family gathering.
  • Write a biography about Papa Panov.
  • Write a diary entry from Papa Panov’s point of view, retelling the main events of the story and how he felt about them.
  • Can you act out the story with a group of friends?
  • Write your own story about a person who helps others at Christmas time.


  • Make a poster to advertise Papa Panov’s small shoe shop.
  • Use publishing software to create a new front cover for the book.

Design Technology

  • Design a new pair of shoes for Papa Panov to make.


  • Draw a picture of Papa Panov working in his shop.


  • Can you create a song about Papa Panov? What words could you use to describe him?


  • Papa Panov lives, sleep and words in one room. Can you make a plan view of the room to show where everything might go?
  • Where is this story set? Could you find a similar place on a map?

Religious education

  • At the beginning of the book, Papa Panov reads the story of Christmas. Can you create a version of it that he might read?
  • Why, do you think, Jesus appeared to Papa Panov throughout the day without showing who he really was?


  • Make a list of words that others might use to describe Papa Panov.
  • At different points in the story, discuss how Papa Panov is feeling. How does he feel about waiting for Jesus to arrive? Why does he decide to help different people?
  • Write a thank you letter from each of the visitors to Papa Panov.

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