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Norman the Slug with the Silly Shell

Norman The Slug With The Silly Shell

by Mark Warner
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Norman is a slug who longs to be a snail – if only he could find a shell! Kids will laugh out loud at Norman’s crazy antics as he goes to hilarious lengths to find a shell of his own. But will he be satisfied once he finds one, or will his dreams get bigger and bigger and bigger?

Teaching Ideas and Resources:


  • Norman thinks that the snails are ‘amazing’. Can you think of words that mean the same as this?
  • Norman ‘skulked’ off when the snails shouted at him. Can you find other words that can be used to describe how a slug moves?
  • Look at the use of punctuation within the story (e.g. exclamation marks, speech marks).
  • Think of different words that can be used to describe slime.
  • Norman frees himself with a ‘slither and a slother, a slip and a slide’. Can you make up your own sentences that use alliteration?


  • Look at the patterns on the snails’ shells. Can you create a new pattern to decorate a shell with?
  • The snails are forming a triangular pattern in one of the illustrations. Can you investigate triangular numbers?
  • Look at the illustration of Norman looking at his reflection. Can you draw your own symmetrical picture like this?
  • Find out about the Fibonacci sequence and how the pattern can be found in snail shells.


  • Norman’s shell has lots of shiny parts. Investigate different materials that are shiny and dull. What makes them shiny? What does reflection mean?
  • Find out about slugs, snails and other minibeasts. Can you write a report about one of them?
  • How are slugs and snails similar / different?
  • Make a list of other objects / materials that would make a good shell for Norman. Think about the positive / negative aspects of having each one as a shell.
  • Think about the forces that are taking place at different points in the story (e.g. when Norman knocks the snails’ tower over, when Norman falls out of the bird’s claws).
  • Can you make your own slime? What materials might you have to use?
  • Norman lands on a washing line. Why do people hang wet clothes on a washing line? What does evaporation mean?


  • Use a paint program to design a new shell for Norman.
  • Could you make a stop-motion animation that retells the story?
  • Use animation software to make a dancing slug!

Design Technology

  • Design a new flying machine to help Norman fly around the sky.


  • Design a new shell for Norman.
  • Look at the different shades of each colour in the illustrations. Can you mix different Art materials to make new shades of the same colour?


  • Plan a trip to the beach and find different types of shells. Can you find out what creatures they used to belong to?

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