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Mr Pusskins

Mr. Pusskins

by Mark Warner
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Meet Mr Pusskins. He’s the grumpiest, sassiest yet most lovable cat around! Mr Pusskins has an owner who adores him and wants to make his life utterly blissful. But Mr Pusskins doesn’t want to play mouse games, he doesn’t want snuggles and he certainly doesn’t want cosy bedtime stories. What Mr Pusskins wants is…ADVENTURE!

Teaching Ideas and Resources:


  • Emily adored Mr. Pusskins… Can you think of words that mean the same as ‘adored’?
  • Write instructions for a game for Mr. Pusskins to play with Emily.
  • Write a bedtime story for Emily to read to Mr. Pusskins.
  • Write what Mr. Pusskins might be dreaming of when he sits by the window looking out.
  • Role-play Mr. Pusskins meeting the Pesky Cat Gang for the first time… How does he introduce himself? What do they get up to together? How does he then tell them that he is bored of doing naughty things?
  • Mr. Pusskins waits patiently for Emily’s car to arrive. What does ‘patiently’ mean? Can you think of synonyms?
  • Write about an adventure that Emily and Mr. Pusskins have after this story takes place.


  • Design a poster to advertise for a lost item with detailed descriptions to help people identify what you have lost. What does it look like? Where did you last see it? Why do you want it back?


  • Think of ways to cheer to Mr. Pusskins up when he is out on the streets and feeling lonely.
  • Discuss how we feel when we are lonely. How can we make each other / ourselves feel better?

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