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Molly Maybe's Monsters

Molly Maybe’s Monsters: The Dappity-Doofer

by Mark Warner
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Molly Maybe has a marvellous secret – she and her faithful sidekick, Waggy Burns, are the only ones who can travel to an amazing monster world which mirrors our own. Take a ride in the incredible mundervator with Molly and help her solve a crisis in Undermunder.

Teaching Ideas and Resources:


  • This story has alliteration in the title: Molly Maybe’s Monsters. Can you think of other story titles that have alliteration? Can you make up some of your own (and then plan / write the story)?
  • The first sentence in the book’s blurb is ‘Molly Maybe has the most amazing secret’. Can you use this as the starting point for your own story?
  • Write an extract from Molly Maybe’s diary.
  • Write a new adventure that takes place in the ‘sleepy little town’ of Smallsbury.
  • Imagine that you are Waggy Burns and add some speech / thought bubbles to the illustrations to show what you might say / think at different points in the story.
  • Write a story about a new adventure that Molly and / or Waggy might have.
  • How did Molly first discover the entrance to Undermunder? Write a story about her first visit there.
  • Create a travel guide to encourage people to visit Undermunder.
  • Write a journal that tells the story of ‘A Day in the Life of an Undermunder monster’ (or the Monster Meister of Undermunder).
  • Write a report for the Monster Newspaper about the theft of the Mydol Idol.
  • Create an instruction manual (or a persuasive advert) for the ‘Vector Spector Mole Detector’.
  • Write a newspaper article about the appearance of a toilet in Mr Bottomly Brown’s lawn.


  • Look at the monsters in the illustrations and think of ways to sort them (e.g. Colours, number of eyes, number of horns etc). Could you create sorting diagrams (i.e. Venn diagrams or Carroll diagrams) and sort some of them?


  • My Bottomly Brown thinks that moles have dug holes in his lawn. Why do they do this? Can you write a report about these animals?


  • Design a website to accompany this story and promote it to other children.
  • Design a gam in which Molly and Waggy have to catch a monster.
  • Use art software to design a new monster resident of Undermunder.

Design Technology

  • Create a model of Waggy Burns. Look at this wonderful example:
  • Create a model of one of the monsters in the illustrations (or one of your own).
  • Draw a labelled diagram of Waggy’s collar. What is it made of? How does it work?
  • Create your own model of the Mydol Idol that the Dappity Doofer could use to replace the missing one.


  • Design a new monster that might live in Undermunder.
  • Create a comic strip that retells this story (or a part of it).


  • Compose a melody that might accompany an animated version of this story.


  • Create a plan view of the inside of Molly Maybe’s tree house. Can you label the different features?
  • Create a map of Undermunder and include the places mentioned in the story (e.g. The Murbling Wood and the town square).


  • Why did the Dappity Doofer steal the Mydol Idol? Can you think of other ways he could have shown the other monsters how clever he was?

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