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Mog the Forgetful Cat

Mog The Forgetful Cat

by Mark Warner
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Mog always seems to be in trouble. She forgets that she has a cat flap and she forgets that she has already eaten her supper. But, one night, Mog’s forgetfulness comes in very handy…

Teaching Ideas and Resources:


  • Make a list of words that could be used to describe Mog. How does the author describe her?
  • There are lots of books about Mog. Can you plan and write a new story about her?
  • Retell the story from the point of view of Mog or a member of the Thomas family.
  • Write some instructions to teach people how to look after a cat like Mog.
  • Think of some speech / thought bubbles for the characters in each illustration.


  • Use the character of Mog as inspiration for a stop-motion animation.
  • Design the cover of a new book about Mog.

Design Technology

  • Create a Mog puppet and use it to retell the story.
  • Design and make a medal to give to Mog as a reward.


  • Create your own illustrations of Mog.
  • Create some storyboards for a new film about Mog.


  • Compose a theme tune for a ‘Mog’ cartoon.


  • This story was first published in 1975. How has life changed since then? Could you interview a person who was alive in 1975 and ask them about their life at the time?


  • Mog is very forgetful. Have you ever forgotten something? What can we do to help ourselves remember things?
  • Look at the illustrations and discuss how Mog is feeling throughout the story. How do we know?

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