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Michael Recycle

Michael Recycle

by Mark Warner
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I’m Michael Recycle for all that I’m worth I’m green and I’m keen to save planet Earth!

A small town somewhere near you is in desperate need of salvation… from drowning in rubbish at the hands of its lazy and wasteful inhabitants!

Join Michael Recycle, the green-caped crusader, as he rescues the town and proves to the lazy layabouts that recycling can actually be quite good fun! He is a new kind of superhero in a new kind of world.

Teaching Ideas and Resources:


  • Ask a child to take on the role of Michael Recycle and encourage other children to interview him about what happened in the story.
  • Ask children to make a persuasive poster encouraging others to recycle and look after our world.
  • Write a set of instructions which teach people one way of looking after the environment (e.g. ‘How to save water’ or ‘How to recycle your rubbish’). Use these to make a video guide about recycling like the one below:


  • Use publishing software (e.g. Comic Life) to create a comic strip in Michael Recycle teaches people how to recycle (and why it is important to do so).


  • Can the children create their own environmental superhero who encourages people to look after the planet? What special powers might he / she have? You can also use The Hero Factory to make your own superhero online.


  • Use the story as a starting point for work on recycling and other environmental issues.

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