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Little Lost Fox

Little Lost Fox

by Mark Warner
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When a little girl loses her fox toy, she discovers it’s been taken by a real-life fox cub, but the real fox cub is lost too – can she help it find its way home with the help of some other woodland creatures?


  • Write a prequel to this book. What other adventures might Kate have had before this one?
  • Read up to ‘And the fox cub had Ruby’. Think of an alternative ending for the story. What might happen next?
  • Think of some speech / thought bubbles to add to the illustrations in the book.
  • Retell the story in the first person, from Kate’s point of view.
  • Retell the story from the lost fox’s point of view.
  • Write a character profile of Kate. How would you describe her?
  • Write a new story about Kate, her cuddly toys and her new animal friends.
  • At the end of the book, Kate is reading ‘The Secret Garden’. Can you find out more about this story?
  • Can you think of other stories that feature foxes? How do they compare to this one?


  • Kate explores a field with sunflowers at one point in the story. Can you measure their heights? Could you grow some sunflowers and measure their growth over time?


  • Choose one of the animals mentioned in the story and learn more about it. Where does it live? How is it adapted to living there? What does it eat?
  • Make a food chain that includes a fox.
  • Learn about the life cycle of a fox.
  • Kate follows trails of footprints in the story. Can you investigate the footprints of different animals?


  • Use publishing software to make a ‘Lost’ poster to ask people to get in touch if they find Kate’s lost fox.
  • Make an animation of a fox cub moving.
  • Create a multimedia presentation that retells this story (or a new story about Kate and her fox).
  • Design a game in which Kate has to help the fox cub find its mum.

Design Technology:

  • Design a shelter to keep the little fox safe while waiting for his family to be found.


  • Look at the landscape illustrations on the inside covers. Could you create some similar pictures of your own?
  • Look at the illustrations and discuss how the landscape changes at different times of the day. Could you create pictures of the same place in the morning, noon and night?


  • Draw a map that shows different locations mentioned in the story. What happens in each place?
  • Draw a map to help Kate find her way home at the end of the story.
  • What kinds of habitat do the animals in this story live in?


  • Have you ever lost something important? How did it make you feel?
  • Kate realises the lost fox is lonely. What can you do if you ever feel lonely? How could you help somebody else who might be feeling lonely, too?

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