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Keith the Cat with the Magic Hat

Keith The Cat With The Magic Hat

by Mark Warner
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Keith is not your average cat. Keith is a cat with magical powers – or at least a magic hat.

But when one day, Keith loses his magic hat, he discovers that magic is still possible.

Teaching Ideas and Resources:


  • Tell the story that explains where the ice cream came from. Why did it fly through the air and land on Keith’s head?
  • The author uses different synonyms for ‘said’ in the story (e.g. chortled, stammered). How does this change the meaning of the sentence? Can you think of other synonyms?
  • Write about a new magic trick that Keith can do.
  • Can you find any adverbs in the story (e.g. shyly, patiently, merrily)?
  • The author has written a number of books in this series. Could you think of a similar story about a different animal?
  • Rewrite the story in the form of a playscript, based on the speech in the text. Can you add stage directions and perform it to an audience?
  • How many different types of punctuation can you find in the story?


  • Look at the illustrations. What shapes can you see in the pictures?


  • Use the shape tools in a painting program to draw a picture of Keith and his friends.
  • Look at the use of different shades of the same colour in the pictures. Can you try making pictures using a similar technique in a drawing program?
  • Use a paint package to decorate the hat template (see Resources below).

Design Technology

  • Look at pictures of different types of hats. Think about who might wear them? What materials are they made from? How are the different parts joined together (see Resources below).
  • Could you design a new hat for Keith (or a person)?


  • Draw pictures of Keith wearing different types of hats.
  • Decorate a new hat for Keith (see Resources below).
  • The animals and backgrounds in the illustrations all use different shades of the same colour. Can you try mixing colours to make different shades? Could you create your own pictures using a similar technique?
  • Can you retell the story in the form of a storyboard?


  • Some of the other cats tease Keith at different points in the story. Why isn’t this a nice thing to do? How might it have made Keith feel? What should they have done instead?


Hat Photos

Hat Photos

Download File

Keith's Hat Template

Keith’s Hat Template (PDF)

Download File

Keith's Hat Template

Keith’s Hat Template (PNG)

Download File

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