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How the Grinch Stole Christmas

How The Grinch Stole Christmas

by Mark Warner
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This classic Seussian tale tells the story of the disgruntled Grinch and his fiendish attempts to steal Christmas from the citizens of Who-ville.

Teaching Ideas and Resources:


  • Can you think of the reason why the Grinch hates Christmas? Could you write a story about it?
  • Think of different words that can be used to describe the Grinch. Can you look in a thesaurus to find more?
  • Look at the rhyming patterns within the story. Can you find examples of rhyming, rhythm and repetition?
  • Can you retell the story from the point of view of the Grinch… or one of the citizens of Who-ville?
  • Write a Who-ville newspaper article retelling the events of the story.
  • Try role-play activities… could you interview a person who is pretending to be the Grinch?
  • Could you act out the story with a group of friends?
  • Design an invitation for the Grinch, inviting him to next year’s feast.


  • The Grinch hates noise. Think about how sound is made and travels. What materials are good at muffling sound? Could you design something to block the noise so that the Grinch can’t hear it?
  • Plan a healthy menu for the Whos’ feast.


  • Can you use an Art program to make a picture of the Grinch?
  • Could you plan / record a trailer for a new animation / movie version of the book? Watch these examples for ideas:


  • The illustrations in the book only use a few colours. Could you make some more colourful versions? Could you make new pictures using the simple colours used in the book?
  • Could you make a mask of the Grinch?
  • Create a storyboard that shows the main events of the story.
  • Draw some pictures of the inside of a Who’s house before and after the Grinch visited it.


  • Compose a song that the Whos can sing together after their feast.
  • Could you write lyrics for a song about the Grinch? What words might you use to describe him?


  • Draw a map that shows Who-ville, the houses that the Grinch visits and the place where he lives.
  • Can you find out how people celebrate Christmas in different places around the world? How is this similar / different to what happens in Who-ville?


  • What do you think the Grinch learned at the end of the story?


Maybe Christmas... Quote

Maybe Christmas… Quote

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