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Goldilocks and the Three Crocodiles

Goldilocks and the Three Crocodiles

by Mark Warner
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Goldilocks and her little dog are off on an adventure, looking for that house again – the one with the chairs, the porridge and beds. The sound of the sea calls to them and before they know it, they have found quite a different sort of a house . . . there are bowls, and chairs and sort-of beds . . . plus some rather unexpected and hilarious inhabitants!


  • Write your own story in which Goldilocks meets three new animals, e.g. Goldilocks and the three Kangaroos.
  • Write an alternative version of a Goldilocks story in which an animal enters Goldilocks’ home.
  • Choose another story that you are familiar with and give it an unusual twist. What could you change?
  • Find all of the rhyming words in the story. Can you use them to make a rhyming dictionary?
  • Create some speech / thought bubbles to accompany the illustrations.
  • The sea makes a ‘pershoo, pershee’ sound. Can you find other examples of onomatopoeia in the story? Can you think of your own examples?
  • Retell the story from the point of view of Goldilocks or Tiddles.
  • Write a diary entry from the point of view of the baby crocodile.
  • Choose some of the words in the story and sort them into word classes. Can you think of synonyms for some of the words you have chosen?
  • Write some interview questions for the characters about the events in the story. How might they respond to your questions?
  • How is this story similar / different to the original story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears?
  • Write a telephone conversation between the Bears and the Crocodiles as they talk about their experiences with Goldilocks.
  • Watch this video in which the author talks about his story. What questions would you like to ask him?


  • Write a report about crocodiles. Include information about their habitat, diet and adaptations.


  • Design a game in which a crocodile has to chase Goldilocks from its cave back to her home.

Design Technology:

  • Design a new home (or furniture) for a family of crocodiles. Could you create a model of this?
  • When we finally see the crocodiles in the illustrations, they are wearing beach clothes. Could you design some new clothes for different types of activities?


  • Create pictures of the Crocodile family’s photos hanging on the walls of their cave.
  • When Goldilocks tries the seaweed and the shells, the illustrations are split into different sections. Can you use this technique to show a sequence of actions?
  • Look at the facial expressions of Goldilocks throughout the story. Can you create some illustrations that show different expressions on a character’s face?
  • On the page where the crocodiles find Goldilocks, the illustrator shows the crocodiles as shadows. Why have they done this? Can you create your own shadow pictures?
  • Follow this draw-along video presented by the illustrator of the book:


  • Could you compose a melody to accompany an animated version of this story?


  • Create a story map that shows the places in this book and the events that take place in each location.
  • Where is your nearest beach? Can you plan a journey there?


  • How might the crocodiles feel about somebody entering their home and using their belongings without permission? How would this make you feel?

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