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Frank and Bert

Frank And Bert

by Mark Warner
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Frank and Bert are the best of friends and they LOVE to play hide and seek. But Bert the bear isn’t quite as good at hiding as he thinks he is… and Frank ALWAYS wins! Every. Single. Time.

But when it’s Bert’s turn to hide, and Frank has to decide between winning again OR making his friend happy, Frank learns that friendship is always the true winner.

Teaching Ideas and Resources:


  • Before reading the story, look at the front cover. Who are Frank and Bert? What do you already know about them? How do they know each other? What might happen to them in the story?
  • Retell the story from Bert’s point of view.
  • The story is written from Frank’s point of view. Can you retell it in the third person?
  • Write a set of instructions to teach others how to play Hide and Seek.
  • Make a list of games that Frank and Bert might enjoy playing together.
  • Write a set of helpful tips that Bert could follow to find better hiding places.
  • Make lists of words and phrases that could be used to describe the characters.
  • Add some speech or thought bubbles to the illustrations in the story.
  • Write a sequel to this book in which Frank and Bert play a game with another friend.
  • Write a review of this book for an online bookstore, or to display on a bookshelf in a shop.


  • Frank counts to 100 in the story. Can you estimate how long 100 seconds takes without looking at a clock, stopwatch or timer?
  • Make a list of activities that you could complete in 100 seconds, in 100 minutes or 100 hours.
  • Make a poster that shows some number bonds to 100.


  • Design a game in which one character has to find a friend who is hiding or missing.
  • Create a poster to advertise this book.

Design Technology

  • Design a new scarf for Bert and a new hat for Frank.
  • Design a board game in which Frank and Bert have to run to a secret location.


  • Draw your own illustrations of Frank and Bert. Look at how the illustrator has drawn them and use a similar technique.
  • Draw a picture of a really good hiding place for Bert.
  • Follow this ‘draw along’ video created by the author / illustrator of the book:


  • Make a map that shows all of Bert’s hiding places. What other details could you add to your map?

Physical education

  • Can you play your own games of hide and seek?
  • Work with some friends to create a list of other playground games. How many of them can you play?
  • Could you invent a new playground game and teach it to some other children?


  • Both of the characters want to win the game. Can you think of things that you have won in your life so far? What would you like to win (or achieve) in the future?
  • Frank realises that winning isn’t everything, and he does something to make his friend happy. Would you have done the same thing? Why?
  • Make a list of things you could do to make a friend happy. Can you complete one of these activities each day or week?
  • Look at the facial expressions of the characters in the illustrations. How are they feeling? How can you tell?

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