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Father Christmas on the Naughty Step

Father Christmas On The Naughty Step

by Mark Warner
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The naughty step is the place Sam has to sit when he has done something he knows he REALLY shouldn’t have. And Sam isn’t alone.

Captain Buckleboots is sitting on the naughty step too, and so is Father Christmas – uh-oh, oh no!

What’s going to happen on Christmas Eve now?!

Teaching Ideas and Resources:


  • The cover of the book mentions that it is ‘Rudolph’s Favourite Book’. Could you write a new story that might be Rudolph’s favourite book?
  • On Christmas Eve, Sam could have been doing ‘any number of lovely things’. Can you make a list of lovely things that he could have done instead of sitting on the naughty step?
  • Sam couldn’t help Rover to write his letter to Santa. Could you write it for him?
  • Dad’s newspaper has the headline ‘Naughty List Panic sweeps the country. Could you be on it this year?’. Can you write the article that goes with it?
  • Create a recipe for Nellie’s ‘Baking for Big Sisters’ book.
  • Write the letter that Captain Buckleboots should have written to Santa instead of the naughty one that he sent!
  • Look at Santa’s Naughty List. Discuss what the people named on it might have done wrong.
  • Can you find any examples of alliteration in the text?
  • Write your own letter to Santa explaining why you have been good this year.


  • How you could how many Christmas presents are featured in the illustrations? How many Christmas trees are there?
  • Discuss how long Santa should be made to sit on the Naughty Step. Make a graph to show the different times that your friends suggest. Can you calculate the mean / median / mode / range of the suggestions?

Design Technology

  • Design a Christmas present that Santa might like to play with, so he won’t take those belonging to other people.


  • Use the template provided below to make a dancing Santa!


  • Can you find out how people in different countries celebrate Christmas? Does Santa visit children all around the world, or do they have other special visitors at Christmas time?


  • Discuss why some families have a naughty step in their house. Why do we have rules, and what are the consequences if they are broken?
  • Make a ‘Good’ list with all of the children in your class, explaining why they have been good and what present they deserve to get from Santa.
  • Santa took something that didn’t belong to him. Can you explain why this is wrong?
  • Discuss what it means to forgive people.
  • Make a list of ways that we can show people that we are sorry when we have done something wrong.
  • Carry out some role-play activities in which the characters in the story apologise for the things that they have done wrong.


Dancing Santa

Dancing Santa

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