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Doggy Dance Off

Doggy Dance Off

by Mark Warner
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Head down to the Doggy Dance Off, where all the cool dogs meet to wag their tails and stomp their feet.

There’s a body-popping pug, Doug. Duke Doggy Doo, the punk rocker cockapoo!

Eva, golden retriever and dancefloor diva and . . . one mysterious masked dancer.

Who is that body-popping, hand-jiving, groovy mover?


  • Create a persuasive advert to encourage people to attend the Doggy Dance Off. Look at the examples in the book’s illustrations for inspiration.
  • Look for examples of rhyming words throughout the book. Can you think of other words that rhyme with these?
  • Write a set of instructions to teach somebody how to look after a pet dog.
  • Retell the story from the point of view of one of the dogs.
  • Write a news report to describe what happened at the Doggy Dance Off. Include an interview with one of the dogs who attended.
  • Look at the double-page spreads about one of the dancing dogs. Could you follow the same format and make your own one about a different dog?
  • Write a similar book about a dancing event that is attended by other animals.
  • This story has a twist at the end. Can you think of other stories that also have a twist?
  • Write a sequel to this book with the title ‘The All New Cat and Doggy Dance Off!’.
  • Watch this video and think of some questions that you would like to ask the other.


  • How many dogs can you see in one of the illustrations? How many ears would they all have? How many legs?


  • Use art / design software to create a new cover for the book.
  • Create an animation of a dancing dog.

Design Technology:

  • Design a new outfit for one of the dogs to wear during the Doggy Dance Off.
  • Design some tickets for the Dance Off.


  • Plan a storyboard for a TV advert to promote the Doggy Dance Off.
  • Create your own pictures of a dancing dog.
  • Look at the silhouette illustrations on the inside front covers. Can you create some silhouettes?


  • Make a playlist of songs that could be played at the event.

Physical Education:

  • Plan a dance sequence to perform at the Doggy Dance Off.


  • Find out the translation for names of pets in other languages.

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