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Barry and the Hairy Scary Monster

Barry The Fish With Fingers

by Mark Warner
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Fish come from all over the ocean to see Puffy the Puffer Fish’s amazing bubbles. Big bubbles, small bubbles, square bubbles -they’ve never seen anything quite so amazing, that is until Barry arrives on the scene. Barry is a fish with fingers and he’s going to put them to good use. The fish are amazed. Life under the sea will never be the same again… Barry the Fish with Fingers

Teaching Ideas and Resources:


  • Puffy, the puffer fish, blows bubbles. Think of different words to describe bubbles. You might try blowing bubbles to help you think of some new vocabulary.
  • ‘Barry was no ordinary fish’. What does ‘ordinary’ mean?
  • Barry is described as ‘amazing’ in the story. Write a story about another amazing creature.
  • Use finger puppets to tell a story that Barry might perform to his friends.
  • Can you write a new adventure for Barry and his friends?


  • Design a new scarf for Puffy which has repeating patterns on it.
  • Cut paper chain fish (like Barry does) and use these to learn about symmetry.


  • Look at the features of different creatures. How do these help them live in their particular habitats? How are they adapted to live there?
  • Think about the bubbles that Puffy blows. What are bubbles? Can you make your own?


  • Use Switchzoo to generate new creatures using parts of different animals.
  • Use a paint package to design a new creature that lives under the sea with Barry and his friends.

Design Technology

  • Design and make some new finger puppets for Barry to use.
  • Practise your cutting skills by making your own paper chain fish.


  • Look at the illustrations in the book and create a new fish friend for Barry.
  • Design a new animal that has some body parts from different creatures.
  • Try some finger painting like Barry does!


  • Puffy, the puffer fish, can blow the best bubbles. Think about your talents… what are you good at doing? What are your friends’ talents?
  • Look at the expressions on the faces of the characters in the story. How are they feeling? How do you know?
  • Puffy gets upset when everyone wants to play with Barry. What could he do to make himself feel better? How could the other fish cheer him up?
  • Puffy explains that he was a ‘grumpy spoilsport’. What is a spoilsport?

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