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Selfie Portraits Activity

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 5-11

Creating portraits and self-portraits is a popular Art activity… but have you ever asked your students to create their own selfie-portrait?

The resources below include printable mobile phone and tablet templates on which your children can produce their own portraits. The templates are available in two sizes and could be used for self-portraits or portraits of others using a variety of materials. The bezels of the phone and tablet have been left blank so that your students can decorate them in a style that matches their personality!

You could also give your children an opportunity to take their own selfie photos using mobile devices, which can then be used to support their own artwork.

A display banner is also available so that you can create a classroom display with your children’s finished work.


Selfie Portrait Template - Phone

Selfie Portrait Template – Phone

Download File

Selfie Portrait Template - Tablet

Selfie Portrait Template – Tablet

Download File

Selfie Portraits Banner

Selfie Portraits Banner

Download File

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