Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Making Personal Flags

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 5-11
  • Cut out either a triangle or rectangular shape from any medium suitable for colouring or painting on. This could be construction paper, cloth, butcher paper etc…
  • Glue one edge onto some type of stick. This can be a small twig from outside, a cooking skewer, a chopstick, etc. Ensure it can allow the children to wave the flags around without them breaking.
  • Ask the children to think about what best represents them (in the same manner a country’s flag design represents it). You can ask younger children to choose their favourite animal, food, etc., anything that THEY FEEL best represents them.
  • When the children have made their choice, they can draw / paint this design onto their flag.
  • The flags could then be used to decorate the classroom. You could also mix up the flags and have a competition in which the children guess who drew each flag.

An alternative idea contributed by Jemma Whittle…

Cut out a base shape of a shield and draw around to make more if needed. Then divide the shield into four sections. Then get the children to put four different pictures on the shield that has something to do with them. e.g. Hobbies, First letter of name, Pets. Then each child will have a coat of arms to take home or put on display.

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