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Leonardo da Vinci Fact Cards

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 5-11

The resource below contains twenty facts about the life and work of the famous artist, inventor, scientist and mathematician Leonardo da Vinci. They could be used in the classroom in a number of ways:

  • Print the cards and add them to a classroom display about Leonardo da Vinci.
  • Challenge your children to find out other facts about Leonardo da Vinci (as a class activity or for homework) and use the blank template provided (on page 11) to record these.
  • Use this resource as part of shared / guided reading activities.
  • Ask your students to create a similar set of resources about other artists (or famous people).
  • Use the cards as the starting point for discussions about how similar / different life was in Leonardo’s times compared to today.

If you can suggest other ways to use these cards, or if you have any other feedback, please leave a comment below…


Leonardo da Vinci Fact Cards

Leonardo da Vinci Fact Cards

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