Thursday, December 7, 2023

Investigating Texture

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 5-7
Sandra Tjorpatzis

This is a simple activity which will give children a basic understanding of different types of textures in the environment.

Firstly, allow the children to go on a nature walk and talk about the texture of the materials, e.g. rough, smooth, prickly etc. Then demonstrate to the children how to take these materials and use them for texture rubbings:

  1. Obtain some type of computer paper – that is not too thick, which the children can use for the rubbings.
  2. Provide dark colour crayons – black, blue etc.
  3. Place the object underneath the paper (e.g. leaf) and begin rubbing the crayon (gently and softly) onto the paper. The shape of the object shall appear.

A follow-up activity for this topic would be to provide children with natural materials from the environment and allow them to construct a nature collage. You can talk about the environment and incorporate many topics in regard to the materials you have used.

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