Habitats Photos

Age Range: 2 - 16

Habitats Photos

The resources below show photographs of sixteen different habitats, including deserts, mountains, coral reef, rivers and more. They are available as large posters and smaller cards.

Use them in your lessons in some of the following ways:

  • Show your children one of the photos and ask them to discuss (or find out) the different plants and animals that might live there.
  • Describe the environment in each habitat. What is it like there? What difficulties do plants / animals living there have to overcome? How might they be adapted?
  • Challenge children to group the photos in different ways. How are the habitats similar or different?
  • Print the photos / cards and use them on a classroom display.
  • Give children one of the cards and ask them to create a report about that particular habitat. This could be an independent or group activity, completed in the classroom or for a homework task.
  • Think of different words that could be used to describe each habitat.
  • Look on a local map and identify which of the habitats can be found close to where you live.
  • Create some art work, using different materials, that shows different types of habitats.

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions about these resources, please leave a comment below!


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