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What do the web browser buttons do?

If you look carefully at the top part of the Internet Explorer browser, you will see lots of buttons.

Let's find out what these buttons are for...

The BACK button lets you go back to the last page that you were looking at.
If you went back to a previous page, you can use the FORWARD button to return to this page.
If you want to stop a web page loading, you can tell Internet Explorer to stop loading it by clicking on the STOP button.

If a web page doesn't load properly, or it is seems to have stopped loading (and you are still waiting for things to appear), press the REFRESH button. This will tell Internet Explorer to download the page again.

This button is also useful when you are looking at a web page which changes regularly. Clicking this button will force Internet Explorer to download the latest copy of the page.

Clicking on the HOME button will take you to the web page which loads when Internet Explorer first starts. You can change which page is your home page, but you should check with your parents / teachers first.
This button will open a search bar inside your browser which allows you to search for things on the Internet. More information on searching the Internet can be found in the Searching section of Welcome to the Web.

When you click on the Favourites button, you will see a list of your favourite web sites. You can then click on one of the names to visit that site.

You will find out more about favourites when you click on the link at the bottom of this page.

Clicking on the HISTORY button shows list of the web pages which you have visited during the last few days / weeks. This makes it easier to return to sites which you have looked at recently.
Clicking this button will let you print the web page that you are looking at. More information about printing web pages can be found in the "Researching on the Internet" section of Welcome to the Web.

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