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Welcome to the Web
Web Browsers
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What is a Web Browser?

A web browser is the software which you use to look at web pages.
You are using a web browser right now to look at this page.

There are lots of different web browsers, but the two most popular ones are...

Internet Explorer Logo and

Firefox Logo

Microsoft Internet Explorer Firefox


Which web browser are you using?
Look at the blue bar at the top-left of your screen. Does it look like this....?

(If it looks similar to this, you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer)
or like this?

(If it looks similar to this, you are using Firefox)

This section of Welcome to the Web will tell you how to use your browser to look at web pages on the World Wide Web.

Because things work slightly differently in different browsers, the following pages have two sets of instructions.

Follow the instructions for the web browser which you are using now.

(If you are not using Internet Explorer or Firefox, you should look through both sets of instructions and see if your browser has similar options. Most browsers are quite similar, so you should not have any problems with the following activities.)


If you are using Internet Explorer, click on the NEXT button below... If you are using Firefox, click on the NEXT button below...


Welcome to the Web