Prepositions Activities

Age Range: 7 - 11

I have created a number of resources which teach children about prepositions. These are all available at the bottom of the page.

  • Choose the Preposition - This resource contains eleven pages. On each page there is a picture and a sentence. Children should look at the picture at the top of the page, read the sentence and then choose the most appropriate preposition from the list. They can then write the sentence in their books / on paper, or on the worksheet on the final page. On some of the pages, more than one of the prepositions in the list might be suitable. Children can choose the one which they prefer and write the other suitable prepositions in the second column on the worksheet (which can also be used as a space to include any other prepositions which they think might fit into the sentence).
  • Spot the Preposition - This resource contains 20 sentences. Can your children identify the preposition in each sentence?
  • Where is the Mouse? - Max cannot keep still! Can your children tell you where he is? This resource contains six pages, each of which contains a picture of Max. The children should look at the picture and decide where he is. They should then think of a sentence which describes his location and write these down.
  • Missing Prepositions - This worksheet requires children to read a sentence (which contains a missing preposition) and select the correct preposition from the list at the bottom of the page. Some of the sentences have more than one possible answer, so children might have to read ahead to future sentences to work out what the previous answers might be. It is important to remember that each word can only be used once.
  • Finding and Changing Prepositions - This worksheet is split into two sections. Sentences 1 to 3 should be copied by the children, who should also underline the preposition in each sentence. The other sentences (from 4 onwards) all contain an incorrect preposition (which has been underlined). The children should copy the sentences and change this preposition, using a more suitable one.


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Edosomwan Blessing

The worksheet are awesome and very differentiated. God bless you for sharing.


simon louis




These resources were extremely helpful, however, there were no answer keys, and having those answer would have saved me some time. Also, the pictures shown in 'choose the prepostions' clearly showed where the object was, making it too easy. If these slight mistakes were to be changed, this would be a great resource to use in school.


erez goldberg

thank you for sharing these really useful worksheets, your generosity is sincerely appreciated.


Erez Goldberg