Time Fillers

If you have a few spare moments in your day, try using one of our educational time-filler activities!

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5 - 11

Barrier Games

Print a copy of one of these Smart Notebook slides, and ask a child to describe it.
2 - 5

Cat and Mouse

A fun game for children to play at spare moments during the day.
5 - 11

Frogs and Flies

Play this fun version of Wink Wink Murder, with a froggy twist!
5 - 11

If I were...

Find out what your class would do if they could take on the role of another person.
7 - 11

News Headlines

Turn a mundane event into a filler activity, using this headlines activity.
5 - 11

Recognising Sounds

A quick game to encourage children to recognise the sounds used at the start of words.
7 - 11

The Minute Game

A simple game in which children have to estimate the length of one minute.
5 - 11

Where am I?

A fun guessing game, in which children have to identify their location (as represented by a picture of a place) which is hidden from their view!
7 - 11

Early Work Ideas

Charles Applegate has contributed this Smart Notebook file, containing a huge collection of ideas / activities which could be used during "Early Work"...
7 - 11

Celebrity Heads

Four children stand out at the board. The teacher (or another child) then writes the names of 4 different people above the children's heads.
5 - 11

Good Afternoon Your Majesty!

A fun guessing game which requires good listening skills, and lots of silly voices!
5 - 7

I Like to...

A fun memory game which also improves self-confidence and helps children to understand that it is OK to like what you like.
5 - 11

Noughts and Crosses

Draw a noughts and crosses grid on the board, and number each box from 1 to 9:
5 - 11

Shoot Out

A simple activity which can be used in all curriculum areas.
5 - 11

TOAS - Think of a Sentence

A fun filler involving the creation of strange sentences based upon a given set of letters.