Story Settings

Age Range: 7 - 11
By: John Wright

The information below is based on John's worksheets. Click below to download them in PDF.

Here is a sheet I put together to help my Year 6 children describe a setting in their narrative writing. It encourages them to avoid telling the reader where the narrative is set directly, but to use the sights and sounds of the setting as hints to the reader.

I used it as follows:

1) OHT copy of first story. Children have whiteboards. They read and guess where the setting is, then list on whiteboards the words expressions which helped them guess.
2) Children complete the rest of the sheet independently (using the boxes on the sheet, instead of the whiteboards).
3) They do the final part (writing) at home as homework.

The settings are:

  • story 1 - a hospital (A&E department)
  • story 2 - a cinema
  • story 3 - a supermarket
  • story 4 - an underground station (may need adapting for classes outside cities which don't have an underground system).



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This is a high quality activity and I look forward to using it.


Naomi Babineau

I really like this but need to make a few changes. The PDF version won't allow this. Is there a way I can edit the original? Naomi



This was really helpful.....Thanks a lot



Your worksheets are really good to teach children setting. thanks for the same