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Rebus Puzzles

Age Range: 7 - 11

What is a Rebus?

A REBUS is a representation of a name / word / phrase using pictures. Look at the following images and try to work out what they mean...

Rebus 1

Rebus 2



  1. Niagra Falls
  2. Middle Aged
  3. Too High (contributed by Colin Noel)

More Rebuses:

A worksheet which contains a further 24 rebuses (and their answers) can be found by clicking below.

How Can Rebuses be Used in the Primary Classroom?

1) Give the children a copy of the worksheet, and ask them to try and work out the answers. You will, of course, need to explain the concept first, showing them some examples (with their answers).

2) Have a "Rebus of the Day competition". This would be similar to the "Question of the Day" activity except that you show the children a Rebus, and they have to try and work out what it means.

3) Draw some rebuses on the board, and ask the children to work out the answers during registration time.

4) Spend a lesson discussing and working out lots of rebuses. When the children are comfortable with them, they might be able to make some of their own.

5) Make a "Rebus Puzzle Book". Each child can make a page, on which there are a number of their favourite rebuses. They could also include some their own made-up rebuses. Remember to make an "Answers" section in your book, so that readers can check their answers.



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I'm a teacher and I gave my class these puzzles and the loved it! So now I do it for busy work in the morning every day!!



Great thank you for sharing I will use it in my class