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Hoop Race

By Alyson Gilbey
Age Range: 5 to 7

For this activity, students should work in groups of four. They should then split into pairs, and each pair of children should stand about 15 m apart. Each group of four children should have one large hoop (big enough for two children to fit inside).


One pair stands in a hoop, and, without using their hands, lift up the hoop. Then, staying inside the hoop, they should run to the other pair.

When they reach the second pair, the first pair should drop the hoop. The second pair should then pick it up (no hands!), and run to the original marker and back again (with both students in the hoop).

The first pair then stand in the hoop, pick it up without using their hands and, with both students in the hoop, run back to the starting point.

Hoop Instructions

Important Points

Remember to reinforce the importance of safety during the activity, and the fact that students have to cooperate in order to complete the task.

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