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Physical Education - Games Ideas

  • Catching Balloons - Help younger children with their co-ordination by using balloons in your PE lessons.
  • Hoop Activity - A very enjoyable activity which encourages children to co-operate in order to complete the task.
  • Through the Hoop - A fun team-building game which involves trying to climb through hoops!
  • Hop in a Hoop! - A fun game involving lots of hoops and plenty of teamwork.
  • Untying the Knot - Get your children to tangle themselves into a knot, and then ask them to untangle themselves! Fun and simple, this activity encourages your children to work as a team to solve their problem.
  • Don't Fall in the Water! - A fun activity which encourages the children to work together and plan their actions.
  • Capture the Flag - An exciting team game which involves capturing the opposing team's flag.
  • Sticky Witches - A team game which can be used with children of all ages.
  • Reaction Game - A fast-paced command game which tests children's reactions.
  • Bean Bag Scramble - A fast-paced game which can be modified to develop a variety of skills.
  • Dodgeball - A common game which children all really enjoy.
  • Dodgeball Skittles - A variation on the popular dodgeball game.
  • Star Wars Dodgeball - Play this Star Wars themed variation of the popular game, Dodgeball!
  • Hockey Tag - A simple game which can be used to develop hockey skills.
  • Rock, Paper, Scissors, Catch - Play Rock, Paper, Scissors with teams of pupils working together.

  • Bark Ball - A simple, yet exciting, team game.
  • Raft Game - A wonderful game which requires co-operation if it is to be completed successfully.
  • Pass the Hoop - A game to develop co-operation and trust between the children in your class.
  • Passing Skills - A game which develops the children's passing skills.
  • Line Basketball - A highly energetic team game which develops basketball skills too.
  • Benchball - A fast-paced team game which is always popular with children.
  • Bench Police - Will your pupils move carefully around the benches, or will they get caught by the bench police?
  • Witches, Goblins and Monsters - Will your children decide to be witches, goblins or gnomes in this enjoyable game.
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